Even though this video has been making the rounds for quite some time, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron deserve a place in the Wingnut annals for this beautiful bit of tard. Here they are, pointing out the amazing coincidence that allows self pleasuring by male animals with opposable thumbs.

Of course, most men share their delight but think it too mundane to actually make a video, using the metaphor of a banana no less, celebrating and eulogizing this fortunate happenstance. I suppose self-pleasure rightly provides evidence for some notion of God but this work of art rubs me raw.

(I do appreciate the subtle hint to his wife about the curve though.)

What could be dumber than this video? Why, a video actually taking the time to debunk the metaphor of course.

Whooooooooosh. How could someone fail so epically to understand the metaphor?


What a stupid fucking bunch of losers. What are we going to do today Mr. Stein?

The same thing we do everyday Pinky.

Try to take over the world.

But at least someone’s got a sense of humor about it.

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