This is how it works.The amount of wingnuttery available on the internet is increasing at an exponential rate and we need people to document it, comment on it, mock it, love it, compassionately embrace it and use it for nefarious or noble purposes. It’s too big of a job for just one guy. I’m actively seeking recruits to help me root out the fringe wherever it may pop up. Not just root it out but follow it around, study it, analyze it and encourage friends neighbors and those above the legal wingnuttery viewing ages to comment on it.

This is a difficult and dangerous assignment and I want to make sure any volunteers fully understand the risks. We will be examining wingnuttery across the political spectrum – wingnuttery from the most fecally polluted religious sources, wingnuttery from popular culture and business – in short, we are undertaking a monumental cataloging of the ridiculousness of the human race as recorded on the various hard-drives across the fiber optic neural pathways of the internet.

If you want to assist in this venture, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I will set you up as a contributor in your chosen field of expertise. As it is, I will blog the examples of wingnuttery as it strikes me so there won’t be much consistency in terms of schedule.

Moderation of comments will be kept to a minimum due to the potential for serendipitous wingnuttery should a target wish to offer a rebuttal. Should we discover that one of our ranks has committed the wingnuttery inadvertently, we will acknowledge that wingnuttery in a special place with a special award.

Are you with me? or are you with the wingnuts?


9 Responses to “About”

  1. J-Dog Says:

    I’m tempted to post about the Total Tools (TM) that teem in the Main Stream Media and on Cable, but the likes of a Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity make me as physically ill as a Top Tard Screed from a BA77 or an O’Leary.

    Hey! Certain kinds of Horse shit from the authors here will result in BOLD TEXT and the word HOMO being inserted into a comment over the senselessly snipped portion!

    This only applies to rational comments. Tard filled comments will, of course be left in their pristine natural state.

  2. bwe1 Says:

    J-Dog, welcome aboard.

  3. erassmus Says:

    can’t wait for more!!!! i need a fix of the tard.

  4. bwe1 Says:

    It’ll keep coming. Don’t worry.
    Try logging on.

  5. obadiahlynch Says:

    Okay, how’s this? Found on a newsgroup, so you can’t expect much. But W H A T radio show or “news” site is this guy getting his stuff from? It’s a reply — part of a thread. He’s replying to someone saying calling people “DemonCrats” is sort of like calling people “poopy-heads”.

    /my oh my, how special you are. I use /DemonicRats as well.

    Oooh.. that’s almost as good as “poopy-heads”..

    /Straight out of the bowels of hell. That’s /how I categorize most of
    /you little fucking socialists. obamarama /should be *proud* of his name
    /whosinsane, I mean Hussein. It is a good

    Hee hee! How clever! “whosinsane”.. do we think this guy made it up his own self?

    /muslin name. Geez, look at
    /his family, nearly *everyone* is muslim. /Look at his cousin, odinga,
    /the new co-leader of Kenya… he likes to /round up Christian women and
    /children and herd them into churches, lock /the doors and set the
    /building on fire….. has a lot in common /with klinton there.

    Whup whup whup whup whup

    /My question, and maybe you can answer it /for me… Since obamarama has
    /Kenyan citizenship, via his father, has he /ever voted there?

    Wow. This guy takes more hard right angle turns..


  6. Rich Says:

    Tard me up, Baby!

  7. bwe1 Says:

    I need a wordpress account name to make you an author here.

    Did you go to

    And see it?

  8. wingnutu Says:

    Yo, BWE. This is my account.

    1. bwe1 Says:

      you should be good now.

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