Post by Obadiah Lynch

W H A T radio show or “news” site is this guy getting his stuff from? It’s a reply — part of a thread. He’s replying to someone saying calling people “DemonCrats” is sort of like calling people “poopy-heads”.

my oh my, how special you are. I use DemonicRats as well.

Oooh.. that’s almost as good as “poopy-heads”..

Straight out of the bowels of hell. That’s how I categorize most of you little fucking socialists. obamarama should be *proud* of his name whosinsane, I mean Hussein. It is a good

Hee hee! How clever! “whosinsane”.. do we think this guy made it up his own self?

muslin name. Geez, look at his family, nearly *everyone* is muslim. /Look at his cousin, odinga, the new co-leader of Kenya… he likes to /round up Christian women and children and herd them into churches, lock the doors and set the building on fire….. has a lot in common with klinton there.

Whup whup whup whup whup

My question, and maybe you can answer it /for me… Since obamarama has Kenyan citizenship, via his father, has he /ever voted there?

Wow. This guy takes more hard right angle turns..