Blood moon eclipses:

2nd Coming in 2015?
Minister uses NASA forecasting
to study signals of Jesus’ return



Oxford Rocks with ID (Pro and Con) This July

Paul Nelson



Secular Holy Days: A Contradiction?

This seems a bit of a contradiction: secularist holidays.

We get our word “holiday” from the old English hālig and dæg, or “holy day.”

But according to the Washington Times, atheists want their own “holy days.”

Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, said his group is trying to expand options and alternatives for secular holidays.



What some people see as perfectly reasonable things to write, others see as screaming wingnuttery.

By ‘normal’ in the headline, of course I mean ‘typical’. Typical as in wingnuts are generally true to form.

NASA hasn’t forecast too many of Jesus’ doings before. Apparently they just didn’t know what they could do with all that data that the Bush white house is making them generate.

Oxford rocks with anything is plainly a sensationalist headline.

And finally, forgive the author, secular holy days are actually quite common. Most people have already noticed the contradiction in terms and decided it was ok. Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween and etc. Those secular holidays have never seemed too much trouble but I guess things change.