First the link because I swear to fucking God you wouldn’t take my word for it if it wasn’t verifiable: LINK

This is the set from the Legos(R) catalog that Dave Hawkins presented as evidence that humans and dinosaurs cohabitated. I shit you not.

This is the set from the Legos(R) catalog that Dave Hawkins presented as evidence that humans and dinosaurs cohabitated. I shit you not.

Even though this must be a fake. It isn’t. This is what the lunatic fringe is all about baby. So unbelievably deluded that it’s a wonder they don’t poke their eyes out with a fork. OK, here’s a few of the quotes:

I was at the Chicago Lego store today and noticed that they depict dinosaurs with humans on one of their sets …

Way to go, Lego! (Just disregard those silly scientists at the Field Museum and all will be well)

Yep. He was serious. But just when you think creationists are harmless, this exchange happens:

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–> No, Steve. Not kidding. Dinos/Humans. Did they co-exist? What are we teaching our young children? You need to drink a cup of strong coffee if you think this is not appropriate for the E&O forum.<!–


You crack me up Dave. <!–


Good. Keep laughing and I’m going to quietly re-educate your kids.

Eeeeeew. Kids, that’s an example of a wingnut. Here’s the link to that exchange: LINK

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W H A T radio show or “news” site is this guy getting his stuff from? It’s a reply — part of a thread. He’s replying to someone saying calling people “DemonCrats” is sort of like calling people “poopy-heads”.

my oh my, how special you are. I use DemonicRats as well.

Oooh.. that’s almost as good as “poopy-heads”..

Straight out of the bowels of hell. That’s how I categorize most of you little fucking socialists. obamarama should be *proud* of his name whosinsane, I mean Hussein. It is a good

Hee hee! How clever! “whosinsane”.. do we think this guy made it up his own self?

muslin name. Geez, look at his family, nearly *everyone* is muslim. /Look at his cousin, odinga, the new co-leader of Kenya… he likes to /round up Christian women and children and herd them into churches, lock the doors and set the building on fire….. has a lot in common with klinton there.

Whup whup whup whup whup

My question, and maybe you can answer it /for me… Since obamarama has Kenyan citizenship, via his father, has he /ever voted there?

Wow. This guy takes more hard right angle turns..


Who the hell are they? Are there any real supporters not connected with Wal Mart? I found a few stories but besides being dated, they appear to be simply fronts.

link here

Wal-Mart Supporters Form New Group to Counter Critics
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
December 21, 2005

( – A group of community and religious leaders Tuesday announced the formation of Working Families for Wal-Mart, “an organization dedicated to talking about Wal-Mart’s positive contributions” and responding to union-sponsored critics of the nation’s largest retail chain.

One of Wal-Mart’s most persistent critics immediately dismissed the new group’s influence because its initial financial backing comes from Wal-Mart itself.


Blood moon eclipses:

2nd Coming in 2015?
Minister uses NASA forecasting
to study signals of Jesus’ return



Oxford Rocks with ID (Pro and Con) This July

Paul Nelson



Secular Holy Days: A Contradiction?

This seems a bit of a contradiction: secularist holidays.

We get our word “holiday” from the old English hālig and dæg, or “holy day.”

But according to the Washington Times, atheists want their own “holy days.”

Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, said his group is trying to expand options and alternatives for secular holidays.



What some people see as perfectly reasonable things to write, others see as screaming wingnuttery.


Wingnuttery may, in its most basic form, boil down to believing something that evidence refutes, and making it a personal mission to spread that erronious belief. Religious wingnuts dominate the news at present due to effects of the current movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” bringing them up out of their bomb shelters.

Today’s wingnut, Bob Ellis, posting an article called Dawkins the Firebreathing Baptist at, cheering for the fringe by supporting the movie, says:

Perhaps one of the things that upsets some of the high apostles of the religion of evolution (when I say “evolution” I’m referring to the common understanding of it, which includes both materialism and naturalism) is that they let their guard down during interviews for the film, and for the first time many people are seeing some of their attitudes in relative transparency.

For many years I (and others) have called evolution, materialism and naturalism a religion. After all, not only does it require at least as much faith to believe in, once you understand how impossible is the whole scenario, but many of it’s adherents cling to it with a fervor that would make some Baptists look like slackers.


I wish I had coined the word “wingnuttosphere” , unfortunately is has been used before.

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Regardless, I hope to at least move the term into mainstream modern parlance. As the examples of the previous posts demonstrate, there are members of the lunatic fringe who manage to put together coherent sentences and organized thoughts (aside from being often bizarrely wrong). These people, at present, we have one William Dembski, a petulant PhD. with a penchant for screaming tard, a certain Ray Comfort who holds up a banana and points out how wonderful the perfectly the hand is built for self-pleasuring. This in an argument for the existence of God. And we have seen the movie “expelled: No intelligence Allowed” which really needs no further explanation as to its own ridiculousness.

The interesting thing about this particular wingnuttery, is that a small but vocal group of human beings identify with the material and take up the cause. Those people feed on the effluent produced at the nodes of lunatic fringe. The ideas, rantings, ravings, unbelievable numbnuttery and sheer bokersness of the originators of wingnuttery, are usually directly contrary to observed reality. The Dembskis, Comforts and propaganda “documentary” makers of the world stand up, back straight to the gale, staring the blot of reality straight in the face and proclaim, “Reality! Begone ye pesky spot! Out! Out damn spot, out I say! I do not believe in you!”

Which makes it all the more fascinating that they find people willing to take up their banner.

But do not make the mistake that wingnuttery is confined to the Christian Conservative movement in the United States. On the contrary, it is found at the edges of any idea. Environmentalism, economics, left-wing, right-wing, the wing stands for wingnut. And to all who believe so strongly in theiir convictions that they feel justified in discarding reality, being economical with the truth, flying into rages at those who would dare oppose your most perfect truth, to those people I say this:

You are absolutely fascinating. How can you manage to do it so consistently?

And, I will be quoting you so you might want to consider your statements.

Yeah. That’ll happen.


ahhh fuck natural selection on sock puppets. i can’t figure out how in the shit they reproduce. you just look under the bed and they are down there raping the dust bunnies. (more…)

Even though this video has been making the rounds for quite some time, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron deserve a place in the Wingnut annals for this beautiful bit of tard. Here they are, pointing out the amazing coincidence that allows self pleasuring by male animals with opposable thumbs.

Of course, most men share their delight but think it too mundane to actually make a video, using the metaphor of a banana no less, celebrating and eulogizing this fortunate happenstance. I suppose self-pleasure rightly provides evidence for some notion of God but this work of art rubs me raw.

(I do appreciate the subtle hint to his wife about the curve though.)

What could be dumber than this video? Why, a video actually taking the time to debunk the metaphor of course.

Whooooooooosh. How could someone fail so epically to understand the metaphor?

What a stupid fucking bunch of losers. What are we going to do today Mr. Stein?

The same thing we do everyday Pinky.

Try to take over the world.

But at least someone’s got a sense of humor about it.

Watch S-expelled